The opposition hardens for the Chaumontais

Volleyball (men’s league): cvb 52 – montpellier>

The slaughter of Roamy Alonso at the net can be decisive tonight against Montpellier. (Photo: A. Brousmiche)

This evening (8 p.m.), the Chaumont VB 52 Haute-Marne offers its first championship gala match, welcoming Montpellier. A first test of high flight for the Cévébistes, more in the opposition than on the accounting plan besides, so early in the season.

After the organization of the Supercup at the beginning of the month, Palestra welcomes, this evening (8 p.m.), the first big poster of the League A championship. The National League was not mistaken, she who opted for for this duel between Chaumont VB 52 Haute-Marne and Montpellier in order to make it its “match of the day” paying on its website, this weekend. Not really surprising given the ambitions displayed by the two teams, clearly contenders for the title of champion of France at the end of the season.

For the occasion, this evening, the new Chaumontais setting, Palestra, should show a good attendance, despite some difficulties encountered during the first meetings in the rental of tickets or the fluidity of the entries. “We are still in the running-in period in this sector,” also humbly admitted the president of CVB 52, Bruno Soirfeck. We do not yet have all the weapons to make this logistics an asset. This is taking place and we prefer to ask, for the moment, the spectators to come to the hall in advance so as not to miss the start of the match. Everything will be put in place, including to strengthen our attractiveness outside of Chaumont, or even in the department. This holiday period will perhaps not favor the full filling of the stands. ”

There is no doubt that the thousand spectators should however be happily exceeded. A support that will also be used by the men of Silvano Prandi to try to forget their first misstep of the season, last Tuesday, in Cambrai (defeat 3-1).

Even if the president cévébiste does not make it a disaster anyway, this setback in the North remains a little through his throat. “You didn’t have to be a volleyball specialist to see that with just a little more realism on offense, the result could have been quite different. We are counting on this meeting against Montpellier for certain players to react, in particular our “sharp”, Jesus Herrera, transparent in the first part of the match at Cambrai. At our level, we cannot fall so low, even if his second part of the match was much better. “

Duels of compatriots

A regain of form that the spectators will necessarily scrutinize, as well as the first official appearance in the Chaumontais colors of the Iranian Karil Dadash Adeh, narrowly qualified for last Tuesday’s match, and which will therefore be of the workforce in place this evening. The “sharp” 20-year-old is barely discovering his new team-mates and League A, but could prove invaluable if Jesus Herrera were to prove too inconstant.

But this poster between Haut-Marnais and Héraultais promises above all incredible and beautiful duels between compatriots. With no less than five French internationals on the match sheet (Raphaël Corre and Moussé Gueye for CVB 52, against Nicolas Le Goff, Julien Lyneel and Théo Faure in Montpellier), the fight will also inevitably rage within the Cuban delegation. (the cévébiste quartet facing the ex-Chaumontais Javier Gonzalez). Finally, there will be no less than four Argentines also on either side of the net (Franco Massimino against Languedocians Nicolas Lazo, Ezequiel Palacios and Alexis Gonzalez).

So many individualities in which the public will also find two Olympic medalists (Nicolas Le Goff in gold and Ezequiel Palacios in bronze). This is also enough to feed the evening menu. “Everything comes together to offer a beautiful and great spectacle,” sums up Bruno Soirfeck. Two teams betting on their athletic dimension, including a team from Montpellier which, for me on paper, remains truly the only one who can claim today to go for the title. There is no “hole in the racket” when it comes to a strong and balanced squad. It’s a great test for our group. “

“Our arguments are not bad either,” adds the president cévébiste. But perhaps we need to be vigilant in the face of young people who, at times, may lack a bit of know-how. Anyway, tonight’s game promises to be tantalizing.

Laurent Genin

Posted on 10-30-2021 at 6:00 AM

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