News The opposition tries to retake the National Assembly

The opposition tries to retake the National Assembly


The president in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaid, at a press conference in Caracas.

Juan Guaid and Luis Parra have cited tomorrow at the National Assembly (AN)in a political duel full of uncertainties. "We know that we will risk the skin. It is not the AN that is at stake, but the republic," said the Legitimate President of Parliament on Monday,who attend the front of the 100 deputiesthat on Sunday night he was re-elected in an extraordinary session held at the newspaper's headquartersThe National.

The republic or the little that remains of it, after the legislative coup orchestrated by Chavism to displace those who have become their worst enemies: the Democratic Parliament, its deputies and its president, who was received with an ovation inThe Nationalafter struggling for hours with the military forces that took the Federal Legislative Palace forcibly.

"We are going to put the chest, Venezuela is worth it, our children are worth it. Maana (for today) we are going to risk the physicist. We ask that they accompany us," Rivet Guaid,which already has the pronouncement in favor of the Student Movement.

Everything points to Venezuela living today another of its extreme days, of those that are filling the chapters of the tragic surrealism of a revolution that turns 21 years old. Guaid has accepted in this way the "invitation" made by his until recently fellow Democrat Unit, Luis Parra, who yesterday settled in his office with military assistance,the same one that I had on Sunday's equinoctial day.

The reality is that if Chavez and expelled from the opposition want to comply with parliamentary regulations, which will be a novelty, they need the presence of democratic deputies.The official group does not add even 70 votes, against the 100 that round the opposition. From the initial list you have to count and discount holders and substitutes and take out a round account, which is always favorable to Guaid unless the military intervenes again.

All this when the attempts of bribery, the famous "green briefcases" have not stopped circulating, after the jump of "talanquera" (change of political side) of at least 16 parliamentarians and leaders. "The traitor deputies offered me 750,000 dollars to distort the popular will and not support Guaid.Unfortunately some fell into that betrayal", acknowledged deputy Jos Hernndez, who did not accept the songs of the millionaire siren. It must be borne in mind that the deputies are four years without pay and that Chavism prevents state funding of the parties.

The Maduro maneuver, which is not the last one, caused the immediate international condemnation of the Lima Group, with the main countries of the region, plus the United States, the OAS and the European Union, whose High Representative in Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell,I denounce "the serious irregularities and acts against the democratic functioningand constitutional of the AN ", in addition to recognizing Guaid as the only legislative president.

All these, traditional detractors of revolutionary abuses, were joined by old allies of Chavismo, such as Uruguay, Mexico and Argentina. "They are inadmissible for democratic coexistenceacts of harassment suffered by deputies, journalists and members of the diplomatic corps", said the Chancellor of the cabinet of Alberto Fernndez.

On the other side, the hard ones, led by Russia from Vladimir Putin, Cuba and Nicaragua, more allies such as Colombian leftist leader Gustavo Petro and Spanish Juan Carlos Monedero (Podemos), who lined up unrestrictedly with their friends from Caracas.

"The recognition of the Government to an AN directive appointed by a crude and illegitimate ploy is irrelevant.It does not achieve international recognition or the defenestration of Guaid, but the opposite, isolating itself further and moving the country away from a negotiated solution, "said political scientist Luis Vicente Lon, president of Datanlisis.

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