The orange engine light is on, what to do?

The illuminated engine light is called a grilled chicken. If it is lit, instead of juicy meat, you will have problems and considerable service costs.

There can be many reasons why the Check engine light is on. Maybe it’s poor fuel quality, that’s a better case. Just refuel with better petrol or diesel and after restarting, the situation will improve. A faulty flow meter can also be the cause. In some cases, a worn catalyst is to blame. For a diesel engine, the cause may be a clogged particulate filter or EGR valve.

Petrol or diesel, the warning light may come on on both

From the category of the worse, or rather to repair more expensive causes of the engine control diode lighting up, there is a turbo fault. There may also be problems with lambda probes, damaged coils, worn spark plugs or ignition cables. In all these cases, you cannot do without diagnostics, it is necessary to connect the car and read the errors of the control units.

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Cars converted to LPG may signal an incorrect adjustment of the gas supply unit via the illuminated engine control. As you can see, There can be a number of reasons for light control, it doesn’t matter if the car is new or old and used. It does not matter the type of drive, for petrol, diesel and hybrid, the Check engine signal may occur. With the exception of fuel, it is always necessary to visit a mechanic with a diagnostic device and prevent irreversible engine damage.

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