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Original title: The originator of online literature is coming to A shares!Well-known writers gather, Han Han and Yi Zhongtian both hold shares


[The originator of online literature is coming to A shares! Well-known writers gather Han Han and Yi Zhongtian all have shares]Guomai Culture successfully broke through the IPO! On the evening of November 25, the GEM Listing Committee announced that the first issue of Guomai Culture Media Co., Ltd. was approved. Behind this company are well-known writers such as Feng Tang, Yan Geling, Yi Zhongtian, and Han Han. If the authors of Guomai Culture Services are arranged in order, they will occupy almost half of the modern Chinese literary world. (China Fund News)

Fruit wheatcultureSuccessfully break through the IPO!

In the evening of November 25th,Start a businessBoard Listing Committeeannouncement, Fruit wheatCulture MediaLimited sharesthe companyThe first round was approved.

Behind this company are famous writers such as Feng Tang, Yan Geling, Yi Zhongtian, Han Han, etc. If Guo MaiCultural serviceThe authors are arranged in order and occupy almost half of the modern Chinese literary world.

  Guomai Culture IPO passed

On the evening of November 25, the GEM Listing Committee announced that GuomaiCulture MediaThe first issue of the company limited by shares was approved.

In July this year, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange accepted fruit wheatCulture MediaCo., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Guomai Culture”)’s GEM listing application, the company plans to publicly issue no more than 18.01 million shares to the public, raise 350 million yuan for copyright library construction projects, and all will be used for copyright library construction. That is to purchase 550 book copyrights within three years, covering multiple rights such as books, videos, audios, and film adaptations.

The prospectus shows that Guomai Culture is a private book publishing company whose main business includes book planning and distribution, digital content business, and IP derivative and operation.

The founder of Guomai Culture is Lu Jinbo, who is known as the originator of the domestic online literature community. He used the name “Li Xunhuan” to confuse the Internet. He and the screenwriters Ning Caishen and Xing Yusen of “Wulin Biography” also called “Internet troika”. On April 27, 2012, Lu Jinbo and Han Han’s mother Zhou Qiaorong jointly established Guomai Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 3 million yuan.currencyInvested 2.7 million yuan, Zhou Qiaorong invested 300,000 yuan in currency.

  Lu Jinbo is the number oneshareholder, Han Han, Yi Zhongtian, Zhang Haochen and other writers all hold shares

For in-depth binding and cooperation with writersGuaranteecopyrightownershipMany writers directly or indirectly hold shares in Guomai Culture.

According to the prospectus, before the IPO, Lu Jinbo directly held 32.62% of the shares of Guomai CulturepartnershipIndirectly holds 0.98 shares, which means that the total shareholding is 33.60%. In addition to Lu Jinbo, the shareholder Zhou Qiaorongshi of the Second Nature is Han Han’s mother, who holds 4.53% of the shares of Guomai Culture.

According to data treasure news, as early as June 2012 when Guomai Culture was founded, Han Han’s mother Zhou Qiaorong bought 10% of the shares with 300,000 yuan, and an additional 1.66 million yuan was added in 2017.investment. In February 2018, Zhou Qiaorong transferred 1.5% of the equity to Zhejiang Media and made a profit of 25.5 million yuan. This alone resulted in an investment return rate of more than 10 times.If Shen WanPrint MediaIndustry averageIssuance P/E RatioA rough estimate of 24.64 times, after the market of Guomai CultureMarket valueOr it can reach 1.46 billion yuan, and the market value of the shares held by Han Han, his mother, and Yi Zhongtian may reach 66.19 million yuan and 2.78 million yuan respectively.

In addition, according to the prospectus, employees and co-authors’ shareholding platform “Guomai Partnership” holds 7.01%, and Zhang Haochen and Yi Zhongtian hold 2.83% and 2.66% of the shares of Guomai Partnership, respectively. Based on this calculation, Yi Zhongtian holds approximately 0.19% of Guomai Culture.

In terms of institutional investors, the lineup behind Guomai Culture is alsoluxury. Before the IPO, Matrix Partners China held 15.76% of Guomai Culture through Jingwei Chuangda (Hangzhou) and Hangzhou Jingtianweidi, which was the largest institutional investor; Bona Pictures held 9.25% of Guomai Culture, and Han Han also He is one of the star funders of Bona Pictures.

In fact, among the authors of Guomai Culture, Li Jihong, Han Han, and Yi Zhongtian have the largest copyright purchase rights.reportDuring the period, the royalties of these three authors accounted for 37.48%, 37.27%, and 25.07% of the copyright expenditures of Guomai Culture.

As of the end of 2019, books such as Yi Zhongtian’s “History of China” series, Cai Chongda’s “Skin”, Zhang Haochen’s “I and the World Only One You”, Han Han’s “Life as I Understand” and other booksproductThe sales volume exceeds one million copies.

Li Jihong is known as a genius translator born in the 1980s. He has translated popular literary works such as “The Kite Chaser”, “The Brilliant Sun” and “The Little Prince”. As of the end of 2019, “The Little Prince”, “Six Chapters of a Floating Life”, and “The Weakness of Human Nature” are the top three cumulative sales of Guomai Culture Public Edition books.

  Three rounds of financing, Jingwei and Bo are included in the bureau

According to the information from Tianyan Check, since its establishment, Guomai Culture has gone through three rounds of financing, and has successively received tens of millions of capital injections from Liande Ventures, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Jingwei China, Bona Pictures, and then Jingwei China and Bona Investors such as the film industry continued to support 297 million yuan.

Jingwei China and Bona Pictures have become the second and third largest shareholders besides the major shareholder Lu Jinbo, holding 11.67% and 9.25% respectively.

  Annual income of 348 million, the number of fans on the whole network exceeded 20 million

From 2017 to 2019, Guomai Culture’sOperating incomeRespectively, 243 million yuan, 305 million yuan and 384 million yuan;Net profitThey were 29.31 million yuan, 52.86 million yuan and 59.21 million yuan respectively.

From the perspective of revenue composition, the book planning and distribution business accounted for a very high proportion of Guomai Culture’s revenue, which accounted for 94.82%, 94.58% and 96.44% of revenue from 2017 to 2019.

The prospectus shows that Guomai culture has been establishedWeibo, WeChat, Douyin, Zhihu, Douban, Kuaishou,Today’s headlinesThe new media matrix of other platforms has various fan groups, among which,WeiboThe account has more than 9 million fans, Douyin has more than 10 million fans, WeChatpublicNumber has more than 3 million fans. Lu Jinbo once emphasized, “Through the self-media matrix, I hope that readers can make friends with Guomai and establish in-depth links, thereby increasing readers’ repurchase rate.”

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