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The overwhelming “tweet” of Cayetana on the PSOE and Bildu that has set the network on fire


The PP deputy published the list of socialists killed by ETA along with a photograph of yesterday's meeting and the reaction was swift

Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo has returned to be a protagonist on Twitter after harshly charging the Socialist Party for its negotiations with the nationalist forces, in this case, for the meeting of Adriana Lastra, spokesman of the parliamentary group of the PSOE, and Rafael Simancas with members of EH Bildu.

The spokeswoman of the Popular Group had to think that a picture is worth a thousand words and posted on its profile a message that overlaps one of the photographs of the meeting of the current government team meeting and the Basque independence party with the image of a list of socialists killed by the terrorist band ETA.

"In tribute to those socialists who lost their lives fighting for freedom and democracy" you can read in the image followed by a list in which figures of socialism such as Ernest Lluch, Enrique Casas, Joseba Pagazaurtundía or Isaías Carrasco appear. It is a poster of the PSE itself that concludes with a strong statement: “Standing against bigotry and bigotry. Kneeling in front of the victims, we honor their memory. ”

How could it be otherwise, the comments did not wait. Many users have shaken Cayetana with the "use of the dead" while others show their outrage at the meeting held yesterday at the Congress of Deputies.

The message of the PP spokeswoman has hundreds of comments, almost 3,000 likes and more than 1,500 retweets.


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