The owner of Dotykačka strengthens his position at Microsoft, he bought another IT company

The programming company Mainstream Technologies, which is one of the major domestic suppliers of the American Microsoft, was controlled by the IT company Solitea. Solitea also does a lot for Microsoft, so the acquisition will strengthen its position with the group even more. The selling party was the founder of Mainstream Technologies Ladislav Šolc and two other co-owners.

“Microsoft is currently our most important partner in the segment of solutions for large companies. We have ambitions to become a leader in cloud transformation on the Czech market and at the same time we want to become increasingly involved in the implementation of international projects. Our goal is to take the position of a leading player in the field of comprehensive solutions for the protection, visualization and management of IT security, “said Martin Cígler, Head of the Board of Directors and minority shareholder of Solitei. The acquisition of Mainstream Technologies is intended to help fulfill this vision.

Mainstream Technologies was founded 15 years ago. Its domain is cloud services for companies. The company with sales of around 300 million crowns employs dozens of professionals. Nothing will change in the company’s management after the acquisition.

Joining the strong Solitea group will help us accelerate thanks to business synergies.

Ladislav Šolc, founder of Mainstream Technologies

“After 15 successful years on the market, we were looking for new opportunities to develop our business. Thanks to business synergies, the merger with the strong Solitea group will help us accelerate and grow up to threefold in the next 2 years, “said Šolc from Mainstream Technologies.

Brno Solitea is a fast-growing company focusing mainly on information technology for companies. The company’s portfolio also includes Dotykačka cash register systems. The company employs over 1,000 people. Solitea plans this year’s sales in the amount of 2.5 billion crowns. In recent years, Solitea has made a number of other acquisitions.

Solitei’s majority shareholder is the Slovak investment company Sandberg Capital. It recently bought a 40% stake in the Czech technology company Daktela.

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