The paintwork and plastic Hyundai Creta owners called the weakest points of the crossover

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Budget crossover leaves no chance to do without improvements.

Photo: Hyundai Creta, source

The Korean compact cross Hyundai Creta is the leader in the SUV segment in sales in the Russian market as, according to motorists, the optimal version of the SUV in terms of combination of price, comfort, performance and optional. At the same time, the car is not without unpleasant moments, which the owners as part of the profile forums call the weakest points of the crossover.

Low paint resistance

The main “cant” Hyundai Creta in weak paintwork. On the paintwork “trace” is ready to leave anything:

“Any branch, careless passage with a bag of someone nearby, especially if the car is in the dust, 100% will affect the appearance. I’m afraid to wipe it again after washing, ”says the owner of the“ fresh ”Creta with 5,000 mileage on the Wroom resource.

The mass of claims to the paintwork, which is easily scratched, chipped and swollen, can be found on

“Expansion of paintwork on the tailgate”, “paintwork from the passenger compartment – chips, grains of sand”, “5 door bubbles per year”, “cretovody” write, noting that 300 pages are devoted to this problem on the forum.

The Drive2 portal draws attention to the manufacturer’s savings on paintwork, the thickness of which is 53-60 microns in vulnerable places. For comparison, LADA Vesta has 169 microns. This is fraught with the rapid development of the corrosion process, which the popular YouTube blogger Mikhail Kuldyaev faced with – his 2-year-old Kreta “bloomed”.

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As a preventive measure for trouble, motorists recommend protect cars with armor, at least in vulnerable places.

Scratch plastic

There are a lot of complaints about the “low-grade” finish on the Web, both internal plastic (cabin, in the trunk) and external:

“I understand that the car is budgetary, but oak plastic is scratched from everything! Once struck a ring – a scratch. During the year of operation, I noticed 7 crickets in different parts of the cabin. I couldn’t eliminate 2 of them ”,“ I blinked a bag with a 2-liter pack of juice on the rear bumper – I got a scratch ”,“ Due to the fear of scratching the plastic inside, I leave the distance from things to the casing, I think it should be covered with carpet, ” motorists write on and Wroom, specifying that the same situation occurs even if you strike with a fingernail on plastic.

Photo: Hyundai Creta, Hyundai source

The rest of the Hyundai Creta is praised for its technical specifications, comfortable fit and “no complaints” appearance, which will remain relevant for several years. The price of Creta today is 990-1 567 thousand rubles. Main plus budget crossover car enthusiasts note a good bunch of atmospheric 1.6- or 2-liter engines with a classic hydromechanical “automatic”.



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