The parent sits on a chair by the bed, but has to leave in the evening. Director: The children take it very badly

Lévyová: We also have complaints about such a stay.

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Can a parent be with a child in the hospital? Doctors explain when it is and when it is not

EASTERN SLOVAKIA. Last November, experts from the Children’s Faculty Hospital (DFN) in Košice pointed out the bad situation in some departments. They described the conditions in which parents, as an escort of hospitalized children, live there as spartan.

The children’s parents said that the rooms in the hospital are very small, they sleep on old Russian beds and they don’t even unpack things from their suitcases because there is no space for them.

The hospital drew attention to this because of the endangered money from the renovation plan, which can significantly help in increasing its capacities, but it is also related to the debate about the right of children to be accompanied by their parents during hospitalization.

The most frequent argument against it is the insufficient space in hospitals.

Lenka Haniková looked at whether and how hospitals could ensure the accompaniment of parents, but also how it currently works in practice.

Baran from ÚHA warns that the intersection near the amphitheater does not turn out like the tram on Řahanovce

KOŠICE. It is not a victory, but a compromise. This is how the Košice City Hall communicates the recent approval of the zoning plan for the area in the location of the former Východoslovak Printing House near the amphitheater. The rebuilding of the intersection on Festival Square, one of the most dangerous in the city, has come close.

The changes were passed in the council only on the third attempt and five years after the announcement of the developer’s intention to build more than 400 apartments instead of the printing house.

The traffic junction near the amphitheater has not met current requirements for a long time. However, some deputies consider the approved solution insufficient.

Mayor Jaroslav Polaček (independent) says that the city will not have the money to solve this intersection for the next decade. He expects a fundamental change in the traffic solution there in twenty years.

Jana Ogurčáková talked about the change at the problematic intersection with Slavomír Baran, head of the infrastructure department at the Department of the Chief Architect (ÚHA) of the city of Košice.

She got 17 years for her daughter’s murder. She didn’t want to leave her to her father, says the grandmother

KOŠICE, SPIŠSKÁ NOVÁ VES. Last February, a tragedy happened in one of the apartments of the block of flats in Spišská Nová Ves.

A mother killed her 15-year-old daughter. Police Eva Dz. (38) was arrested and charged with the particularly serious crime of murder.

Since she was in a bad mental state, she was taken to the hospital and the court took her into custody in absentia. The woman faced 20 to 25 years or life imprisonment.

By pleading guilty, she received a mitigating circumstance, so the prosecution proposed a lower sentence. The District Court of Košice I handed down the verdict on Wednesday.

Róbert Bejda explained the circumstances of the case and the court’s verdict.

Broadcast live? Some deputies show off when they see the cameras, the town hall claims

ZEMPLIN. In slippers with coffee from the comfort of home.

In this way, they can follow the proceedings of their deputies in many cities and even villages in Zemplín. The people of Humen, however, do not have such conveniences.

Live broadcasting of council meetings is a matter of course in Snin, Trebišov or Vranov nad Topľou.

Residents of some larger municipalities, for example Bela nad Cirochou in the Snin district, can watch online what the deputies are discussing and how they make decisions.

Jana Otriová found out why it is not working in the district town of Humenné so far.

Why did the dormitory in Košice burn? The police have started a criminal investigation, a structural engineer must come

KOŠICE. Due to Tuesday’s fire in the accommodation cell in the student dormitory of the Aviation Faculty of the Technical University in Košice at Rampová 7, the police started criminal prosecution for general endangerment due to negligence.

Experts for investigating the causes of fires and experts from the Criminalistics and Expertise Institute of the Police Force came to the scene.

They have to find out what was the cause of the fire, since no one was in the cell consisting of two rooms at the time of its occurrence.

Kristián Sabo wanted to know what versions the experts work with and what the management of the dormitories says about the fire.

She lost control and crashed into a pillar. She claimed she felt sick

KOŠICE. A Škoda Octavia with a woman behind the wheel crashed on Wednesday afternoon in a busy area on Božena Nemcová street in Košice.

She drove her car off the road and hit a concrete pillar of the shopping center with the front end.

The impact was so strong that a wheel came off the car. According to witnesses, the man with the stroller had to jump off at the last moment.

Kristián Sabo provides more information about the accident.

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