The parents are a dachshund and a golden retriever: the world goes crazy for their love child

2023. 05. 26. 13:45

What is this dog?

The world knows this mix under the name Golden dox, and as the pictures of the puppy spreading like wildfire on the Internet show, it is very popular.

For years, dog breeders have proven time and time again that there is nothing that cannot exist when it comes to mixing and interbreeding. And that’s even if a puppy’s parents happen to be a dachshund and a golden retriever. Because even though they are two species that are different in size, they can still have a common offspring. By the way, these dogs are called “golden dox”. But what do they look like? Well, if you envision a short-legged golden retriever, you are not far from reality. In fact, this is perhaps the shortest and most accurate description of this mix.

Beyond its size, however, it would be difficult to predict everything else: but fortunately, we can show you two copies! The world goes crazy for them.

Photo: illustration

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2023-05-26 11:45:00