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In front of NOVA are the parents of the 14-year-old girl who reported that she was the victim of sexual assault by a police officer. We remind you that on Thursday evening, a 48-year-old employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was detained at his workplace on suspicion of having sex with the underage girl, who was placed in a correctional facility for two weeks. To embarrass the policeman, his wife appeared briefly in front of our team’s camera.

“We were told that she had contact with him. No one said there was violence. She had agreed. She was scared,” the parents say.

For four days now, the mother and father of the 14-year-old girl have been in the dark about what is happening to their daughter. They only know one thing – she told a psychologist that a police officer had sexually assaulted her. Her parents found out last Thursday. “And they tell me: ‘Can you come to the investigation? There was an accident.’ I asked what kind and was then told that one of the employees had sex with her. Don’t ask me how we got to Veliko Tarnovo. I didn’t lock the office or anything,” says the mother.

We are keeping the family’s identity a secret because they are ashamed. The 14-year-old girl was adopted by the man and woman from Gorna Oryahovitsa when she was one year old. Two weeks ago, the teenager ran away from home to look for her biological mother. That is why she was placed in the reception center for minors and juveniles with antisocial behavior. The order was for 15 days.

“We went to see her on the 24th and before we left, this guy was at work,” the parents say.

The girl was alone in the reception with the warden. The teenage girl’s parents even talked to the police officer. “How well he knew English and they spoke in English. He helped her with her homework. He said that when we leave, they will learn about Renaissance philosophy,” the parents claim.

They detained a police officer suspected of fornication with an underage girl in Gorna Oryahovitsa

Two days after this conversation, the policeman was arrested at his workplace. During the day, the girl told the psychologist that two evenings ago she had sexual intercourse with the 48-year-old employee of the Ministry of the Interior. “It only happened when she went to bathe,” the parents claim.

The girl’s mother suspected this because of some facts she learned during the initial investigation. One of them is that the CCTV cameras stopped working for a short time on the day in question. The parents of the girl, who is still in foster care, want to know the truth. For them, there is no doubt what it is.

Initially arrested, the 48-year-old police officer was released after 24 hours. The District Prosecutor’s Office is waiting for the expertise they appointed. Until then, the man, who has been in the Ministry of Internal Affairs for 20 years, is at home without charge.

His wife declined to comment on NOVA’s camera when our team sought out the law enforcement officer at his home. The District Directorate has already requested that the police officer supervising children be disciplinary released.

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