The Paris Bourse limits its losses during a prudent session

The Paris Bourse limits its losses during a prudent session

The CAC 40 index sold 2.06 points to 5,312.96 points, in a low trading volume of 2.5 billion euros. Friday, he had ended in small increase of 0.11%. After opening slightly up Monday, the Parisian coast then hovered around the balance, hesitating to position itself both upward and downward.
Geopolitical tensions remained in the background, after strikes by Washington, Paris and London this weekend against three sites in Syria, presented as related to the regime’s chemical weapons program.
However, this operation seems to have been prepared to prevent an escalation of the war in Syria. Western raids have thus made “no casualties among the civilian population or the Syrian army,” according to the Russian army, whose on-site facilities have been carefully avoided.
“There has been no escalation of Russia, no military response on its part. There is no act on the ground, this is what the market looks first, “says AFP Alexandre Baradez, an analyst of IG France.
The attention of investors began to focus on other topics, such as the US results season, according to the specialist.
However, despite good quarterly publications, US banks JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup stocks ended sharply down Friday.
“There was already in the prices a market anticipation of good results,” says Baradez.
“We need very good surprises. Investors are wondering what will be the value of technology, which will begin to publish their results this week, he continues.
– Well oriented telecom sector
Another theme likely to hold markets in the coming days: a resurgence of trade tensions, especially after a Twitter message from US President Donald Trump on Monday accusing Moscow and Beijing of “play the game of currency devaluation.”
On the indicators side, the agenda was mostly American. The United States unveiled a stronger-than-expected rebound in retail sales in March. On the other hand, manufacturing activity in the New York region was mixed, with a slowdown in April.
On the values ​​front, after rumors of SFR’s takeover bid by Bouygues (-0.26% to 42.21 euros), the telecom sector has appreciated. Iliad thus gained 4.58% to 177.10 euros, Orange 1.55% to 14.38 euros, while on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, Altice took 5.40% to 8 euros. Bouygues, however, refuted “any discussion” for consolidation.
kering on its side climbed 0.30% to 437.50 euros. Emmanuel Macron ruled on Sunday that it was “obvious” that the group, which according to the information website Mediapart has deducted about 2.5 billion euros in taxes since 2002, was subject to a tax audit in La France. The group indicated that they were not subject to any tax complaints.
Sanofi ended up almost stable (+ 0.09% to 66.05 euros). According to reports from the Financial Times, the US private equity firm Advent International would be leading the way to buy Zentiva, the group’s generic division in Europe.
Sodexo sold 0.36% to 78.50 euros, after the company Bellon SA, its holding company, announced its intention to strengthen the capital of its subsidiary by buying about 1.3 million shares by end may.
GTT has recovered (+ 3.80% to 50.20 euros), after registering a sharp decline on Friday following results deemed disappointing.
Marie Brizard plunged 8.07% to 8.09 euros, weighted by an increase in its operating loss forecast for the 2017 financial year.
Chargers rose 6.32% to 25.58 euros, benefiting from a 1% increase in revenue to 144.8 million euros in the first quarter.
Eramet continued its momentum from the end of last week and gained 4.09% to 142.40 euros.

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