the Paris prosecutor’s office requests a dismissal

The Paris prosecutor’s office on Friday requested a dismissal in the case of chlordecone poisoning in the French West Indies.

The Paris prosecutor’s office requests a dismissal of the investigation into the large-scale poisoning linked to the use of chlordecone in the French West Indies, he indicated on Friday November 25, 2022 to AFP, confirming a close source folder.

This step had been expected since the Parisian investigating judges of the public health center had announced at the end of March the closure of their investigations without having proceeded to indictments.

The pesticide, whose toxic and carcinogenic characteristics have been recognized since the 1970s, was used in banana plantations until 1993 despite its ban in France in 1990.

The product is said to be the cause of many cancers in these departments. According to Public Health France, more than 90% of the adult population in Guadeloupe and Martinique is contaminated with chlordecone.