Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018

The Party to Believe and Dare to want to “désaliéner the Reunion”


SAINT-DENIS. A day prior to 2018, the Party to Believe and Dare to held to take stock of this past year. Crisis cane, redemption of the SIDR and coastline law, Alexander Lai-Kane-Cheong and Frederick Jersey reaffirm their commitment to the Reunion.

Gathered under a foot of flaming in the heart of the Cauldron, the Party members Believe, and Dare (BCP) are back on their actions and their ambitions for The Meeting. After a score of 10% in the recent legislative, Alexander Lai-Kane-Cheong, general secretary of the party, draws a positive conclusion, ” in four years of existence, we may note that the margin of progression. What nou holds, is that the election appeared as a resonance chamber.”

beyond their results, the members of the COOP have recalled their desire to ” désaliéner the Reunion “. “Nou is working on the process of emancipation, individual and collective, cultural and economic. Nou the always been to nou by us, and the notion of disalienation lé one of the axes of ideological major advantage, ” says the leader of the PCO.

After a year marked by social and political conflicts, they are earnings on the three main issues that they intend to follow closely. These ” marmailles Cauldron “, as they like to call it, were not chosen by chance, the place of their conference. It is in front of the buildings of the neighborhood in which they live, that they have approached the subject of the redemption by the SNI (Société National Immobilière) of units within the SIDR.

as a reminder, in the month of April last, the announcement of the repurchase of 34% of the units of the State within the SIDR by the SNI, the real estate subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts, a leading donor in France, had provoked the concern of the inhabitants. On the 11th of December, the employees had held a picket in front of the premises of the lessor. For Frederick Jersey, a founding member of the COOP plan, many questions arise : “What policy will be conducted by the NIS’ Kossa lé not said’ Is this tomorrow nora still housing low-income’ And is what the Cauldron i its become the next Monaco or Neuilly-Sur-Seine’ “. For the secretary-general of the party, the situation is all the more alarming in that the access to the property remains inaccessible to people in the community. “We lé obliged alert to nou zot lé train assassin to nou. Is that zot his back further and further the ban ghettos ‘”

Another battle horse of the young party, the compliance of the law on coastal areas. Denouncing a two tiered justice system on the part of the DEAL, Alexander Lai-Kane-Cheong regrets that portions of the beach are operated by certain merchants. “When or walk on the beach néna sun loungers almost to the edge of the water. The laws lé applied to the dropper according to the people. But when it comes to destroy the caz of an old creole the tractopelle i landed,” growls the young man.

according To the members of the COOP, present alongside the farmers during the crisis in cane, it is necessary to think of the self-determination food. “Soon, nou its purchases of sugar i comes out. It is the greatest absurdity in the world! “. Alexander Lai-Kane-Cheong, deplores the lack of professionalization of the daily agricultural.

Determined to develop its presence, the PCO has put in place to 2018 a permanent Campaign. “Nu wants to be there as much as possible. Only by attending events with people that nou will be able to give birth to something “, concludes the leader of the party.

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