The passenger attacked the flight attendant and broke her nose. The plane had an emergency landing

  • The FBI is investigating what exactly happened aboard the plane. Airline representatives emphasize that the passenger was not provoked by anything
  • This is not the first time that a passenger has become unsafe on an airplane. The US Aviation Administration recently imposed a fine on a passenger who, while lying on the floor, tucked his head under the skirts of flight attendants
  • 85 percent American flight attendants faced danger while working
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Airline officials are appalled by what happened on a plane flying from New York to California last Wednesday. One of the passengers suddenly got up from his seat and walked to the rear of the plane. Over there He brutally beat the flight attendant, breaking her nose. The flight crew made an immediate decision to make an emergency landing in Denver.

According to FBI officials, the attack on the flight attendant is under investigation, but no one has been arrested so far. Meanwhile, American Airlines CEO Doug Parker said he was beaten the flight attendant was looked afterand on the man who attacked her, airlines imposed a travel ban on her planesi.

He was lying on the ground and tucked the flight attendant’s head up her skirt

However, it turns out that similar incidents involving dangerous passengers there are more in the United States. The Federal Aviation Administration, which oversees US air transport, imposed on unruly passengers this year alone fines totaling over one million dollars.

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What passengers can do in airplanes is a concern in the United States. At the same time, the heads of the Aviation Administration announced in August this year that they implement a zero tolerance policy for unsafe travelers.

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45 thousand hole. had to pay recently a passenger who he went berserk on one of the planes. He was throwing luggage at other passengers. Later he lay down on the ground, grabbed flight attendants by the calves and he put his head under their skirt.

85 percent the flight attendants faced danger

The American union of flight attendants from 20 airlines conducted a study which shows that many of them feels unsafe while working. 85 percent flight attendants dealt with unsafe passengers. A lot of them must too listen to sexist and racist comments.

The airlines are doing what they can prevent similar incidents. They impose, for example, an unruly passenger no travel by airplanes specific line. However, the problem is big, the American aviation overseer only this year picked up close 5 thousand on-board distress reports.

Source: CNN