The PC version of the spoof mod “Hogwarts Inheritance” hololive portrait + Thomas the Tank Engine Mod released | 4Gamers

Games that are usually released on all platforms are always particularly fun on the PC version, because there are always various interesting mods that make people addicted to it, and “Hogwarts Legacy” (Hogwarts Legacy) is no exception, what should come will always come .

As we all know, in the Hogwarts College of the original world view of “Harry Potter”, the characters in each painting will move like living people, and these are actually just a module in the game, so it is not difficult Modification expert.

Just today (10) last time in the game, mod author xBloogtigerx has released the hololive dynamic mod “Anime Vtubers” of “Inheritance of Hogwarts”, replacing all the portraits in the academy with dynamic images of hololive VTuber, unexpectedly is very suitable.

In addition, every game must have the foreigner’s favorite modding meme, the “Thomas and Friends” mod “Thomas Broom” was also posted on the Nexusmods forum on the same day. The broom module is just replaced, but the effect is already very obvious.

Of course, generally speaking, game developers do not encourage players to install files of third-party programs by themselves, but in the Nexusmods forum, with the long-term support of large-scale modding communities such as “The Elder Scrolls” and “Grand Theft Auto”, it has long been Become the perfect companion for PC gamers looking for fun.

If you’re looking for more interesting Hogwarts Inheritance mods, check out the Nexusmods forum.


“Hogwarts Inheritance” will be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on February 10, 2023, and the PC Steam version will be available on February 11.