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The Peace Walk cries out against López Obrador’s security policy | International


Javier Sicilia has put his hat back on Panama and hiking boots to travel the roads of Mexico again. Nine years after leading a movement of citizen resistance against the explosion of violence that the country was experiencing in a full offensive against the narco of the Government of Felipe Calderón, the veteran poet and activist, 63, returns to embody the civic opposition to a bleeding That does not stop. “We are the last breath of oxygen to try again to stop the horror and prevent the country from sinking into barbarism without return,” he said Thursday at the start of the march, at the roundabout for the Peace of Cuernavaca, capital of the State of Morelos

With less influx than in 2011, when the march brought together more than 1,000 people from the beginning, the road map of the baptized as the Peace Walk is almost identical: walk on foot the 70 kilometers that separate Cuernavaca from the capital to , on Sunday, stand before the National Palace and expose the demands of the victims. They have, for the moment, the support of 64 groups and associations of civil society, and are confident of bringing together thousands of people upon their arrival in Mexico City. That will be your litmus test to sustain and give continuity to the new caravan. Sicily also launched a handful of messages addressed to López Obrador, who is calling for a firm security policy: “The clearest evidence of the horror of this hugs policy is the 34,582 murders committed during 2019.”

The first year of the López Obrador government has become the most violent since there are records in Mexico. The resurrection of Sicily, which raised its voice for the first time after the murder of its children by organized crime in 2011, represents the emergence of an uncomfortable rival for the current president of Mexico, who has refused to receive him upon arrival at the capital, claiming that the veteran activist is turning victims’ pain into “show and show.”

Sicily recalled during his speech that upon his arrival at the Executive, López Obrador was willing to open a deliberative process with civil society: victims, organizations, academia and experts met for months with the Ministry of the Interior (Segob). “But that agenda, with the documents we carry with us today, was discarded without even knowing why. The Segob never gave an explanation. ”

Since the announcement in November of the return to the streets, the Mexican government environment launched a tough offensive against Sicily. Including many of those who a few years ago marched with the activist himself in front of Felipe Calderón. The fuse that has ignited this new march has been the massacre of the LeBarón family in November, where three women and six children were killed. Members of the family of Sonoran businessmen, who were also involved in the first wave of protests, formed a large contingent during the new march.

“I do not consider myself a victim, now I am a lion. We march to promote citizen awareness, “he explained without losing his way along the side of the Adrián road, the father of one of the women killed in the family ranch. Accompanied by dozens of relatives, LeBarón warns that upon arriving in the capital, He intends to camp in the Zocalo with almost a hundred residents of his native Chihuahua.

Despite the wear and tear of his figure after years of media exposure, Sicily represents a difficult criticism to fight back by the Government of Morena. Coming from a leftist tradition, Sicily has repeatedly opted to recognize that Mexico lives in a state of national emergency, and has claimed the need for close collaboration with the international community. An antagonistic position to that of López Obrador, furious nationalist and reluctant to any outside interference in Mexico. But at the same time, Sicily has opposed from the beginning the militarization of Mexican public security – extended by the Government of Morena with the creation and deployment of the National Guard, present during the march – and has also recognized that the problem of Organized crime has an economic, political and public health side, not just security. A position closer to the speech of Obrador.



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