The Peculiar Cat: A Family-Friendly Play About Tolerance and Friendship

About the event

In a beautiful market in the city, lives a very peculiar cat that is the conceited one of all, one day Demoledor arrives, a watchdog that will make life impossible for him, going through funny situations that will teach us lessons about tolerance and friendship. This work is ideal to enjoy with the family and the cast is made up of: Luis Cardenas Natteri, Mario Soldevilla, Maryfe Asparria, Daniella Sosa del Rio, Fernando Barrs, Kali Granados.

Management Assistance: Leito Monteverde.

Direction and Dramaturgy: Alexander Pacheco.

General Production: Ayepotámono Theater.



Recommended Audience: Children / Family.

Everyone pays admission.

Prices include ticket commission and taxes.

2023-06-02 18:11:25