The Peninsula Hotel joins hands with the Star Ferry to launch afternoon tea on Victoria Harbor Tour with unlimited special cocktails + live DJ music

The Peninsula Hotel joins hands with the Star Ferry to launch afternoon tea on Victoria Harbor Tour with unlimited special cocktails + live DJ music

Afternoon tea at The Peninsula Hotel has always been very popular. This year marks the 95th anniversary of the hotel’s opening. Therefore, we have teamed up with another legendary Hong Kong brand, the Star Ferry, which celebrates its 125th anniversary, to launch the “Peninsula Classic Afternoon Tea”. Until July 2, diners can take the Star Ferry eco-friendly ferry “World Star” and enjoy the Peninsula’s classic afternoon tea while listening to live music and enjoying the view of Victoria Harbour! In addition, the two brands also launched the “Peninsula Evening Harbor Tour”. Diners can not only enjoy exquisite snacks prepared by the culinary team of The Peninsula Hotel within 2 hours, but also enjoy unlimited handcrafted and classic cocktails, accompanied by live DJ Watch the sunset with music and enjoy a completely different feeling!

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Harbor Peninsula Classic Afternoon Tea $650 per person

On weekends and public holidays from March 31 to July 2, diners can not only enjoy afternoon tea at the lobby cafe of The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong, but also choose to enjoy the green tea at the Star Ferry from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm Enjoy the “Peninsula Classic Afternoon Tea” on the ferry “World Star”!

半島酒店聯乘天星小輪船上歎「維港半島經典下午茶」 另推「半島黃昏維港遊」享用小食+無限暢飲特色雞尾酒+現場DJ音樂半島酒店聯乘天星小輪船上歎「維港半島經典下午茶」 另推「半島黃昏維港遊」享用小食+無限暢飲特色雞尾酒+現場DJ音樂

The Peninsula Hotel joins hands with the Star Ferry to present the “Classic Afternoon Tea on the Harbor Peninsula”

“Harbor Peninsula Classic Afternoon Tea” is $650 plus one per person. Diners can listen to live music and enjoy the beautiful view of Victoria Harbor while enjoying a variety of savory desserts. The selected savory desserts include tuna crepes, asparagus and cheddar cheese Quiche, pastrami with gherkin and classic cucumber sandwich; desserts include citrus jelly and vanilla cheesecake, apple cinnamon caramel tart, chestnut chocolate and sesame shortbread; and of course, traditional English muffins Served with cream and jam, as well as a selection of fragrant Peninsula tea!

半島酒店聯乘天星小輪船上歎「維港半島經典下午茶」 另推「半島黃昏維港遊」享用小食+無限暢飲特色雞尾酒+現場DJ音樂半島酒店聯乘天星小輪船上歎「維港半島經典下午茶」 另推「半島黃昏維港遊」享用小食+無限暢飲特色雞尾酒+現場DJ音樂

Harbor Peninsula Classic Afternoon Tea

半島酒店聯乘天星小輪船上歎「維港半島經典下午茶」 另推「半島黃昏維港遊」享用小食+無限暢飲特色雞尾酒+現場DJ音樂半島酒店聯乘天星小輪船上歎「維港半島經典下午茶」 另推「半島黃昏維港遊」享用小食+無限暢飲特色雞尾酒+現場DJ音樂

Diners can listen to live music and enjoy a variety of savory desserts while enjoying the beautiful view of Victoria Harbour.

Peninsula Harbor Cruise $850 per person

In addition to the “Peninsula Classic Afternoon Tea”, every weekend and public holiday at 5:30 p.m., The Peninsula Hotel and the Star Ferry also jointly launch the “Peninsula Evening Victoria Harbor Tour”. Board the boat and sail for 2 hours to watch the sunset!

半島酒店聯乘天星小輪船上歎「維港半島經典下午茶」 另推「半島黃昏維港遊」享用小食+無限暢飲特色雞尾酒+現場DJ音樂半島酒店聯乘天星小輪船上歎「維港半島經典下午茶」 另推「半島黃昏維港遊」享用小食+無限暢飲特色雞尾酒+現場DJ音樂

Two hours of unlimited craft and classic cocktails

During the cruise, guests can indulge in a variety of snacks prepared by the Peninsula Hotel, such as loose leaf crab roll with grapefruit cream, grilled tuna with salmon caviar, Spanish Serrano ham with fig chutney and mini cheesecake, etc. , you can also enjoy unlimited handcrafted and classic cocktails for two hours, and you can enjoy champagne for an additional $100 plus one per person; there will be DJ music on site, so you can relax and release your daily stress. place!

半島酒店聯乘天星小輪船上歎「維港半島經典下午茶」 另推「半島黃昏維港遊」享用小食+無限暢飲特色雞尾酒+現場DJ音樂半島酒店聯乘天星小輪船上歎「維港半島經典下午茶」 另推「半島黃昏維港遊」享用小食+無限暢飲特色雞尾酒+現場DJ音樂

More DJ music on site

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