“The People Speak: 67% NO to Leitspital Liezen – KPÖ advocates for Existing Hospitals’ Upkeep”

In 2019, the KPÖ co-initiated the referendum on the Liezen hospital. The result: 67% NO!

“The hundreds of millions would rather be invested in the existing hospitals, the staff and the medical care on site!”

The state government wants to push through its prestige project “Leitspital Liezen” against all resistance and all common sense. In mid-2024, the excavators should start rolling, although in 2019 two-thirds of the people of Liezen said NO to the grave of millions on the green field in the referendum co-initiated by the KPÖ. The ÖVP and SPÖ are sticking to their closure and savings plans. The KPÖ has spoken out against this since the beginning of the debate “health policy nonsense” and advocates the preservation of the existing hospital sites in order to be able to fully maintain healthcare in the Liezen district.

“The attitude of the population in the district of Liezen to the main hospital is clear: two-thirds have 2019 for the preservation the Hospitals in Bad Aussee, Rottenmann and Schladming voted. It is unacceptable for the state government to ignore this vote and want to push through its prestige project undeterred! And anyway: the hundreds of millions would be infinitely better invested in the existing hospitals, in staffing and on-site medical care in the interest of health care for the people of Liezen. The state government would be well advised to pull the emergency brake better today than tomorrow.”, so KPÖ-LAbg. Werner Murgg.

2023-05-27 15:39:16
KPÖ Styria | News | Start of construction in 2024 for the main hospital in Liezen? KPÖ demands: “Pull the emergency brake!”

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