the perfect opportunity to confirm their pretty form?

Maybe we rehash a little, maybe we should move on, but the passage of Jimmy Butler in Minnesota was still accompanied by stories made to be told. A qualification for the Playoffs (yes, we swear to you) on the last night of the regular thanks to a victory against the Nuggets and a logical elimination that followed against Houston, but above all an almost daily drama between the dog and the Wolves he probably thought too tender. In the end Jimmy left, Minny got over it, but Minny… and Jimmy have memories, enough to offer us a nice trench war tonight?

A successful season in Minnesota, in 2017-18, the only Playoffs of the franchise in 18 years, but behind… Jimmy was on the move and claimed his trade. It’s not really how it goes then the tone rises in each camp, or rather between Jimmy Butler and absolutely all the inhabitants of the region. The peak of haste in the fall of 2018? He will intervene when Jimmy decides to train but on the sole condition of doing it with the substitute team, complaint accepted but the staff should not have because a supercharged JB will then kick the ass of absolutely all the holders in a session that has since remained in the annals according to the actors present that day. The Wolves will eventually free Butler by sending him to Philadelphia against Dario Saric and Robert Covington in particular, and since then it is … cowardly love between the two divorced. The Butler / Embiid association has obviously given rise to some punchlines on social networks concerning the potential lack of testosterone of Karl-Anthony Towns, chance or not KAT and Jojo are moreover a little put on the face a few months later , and today all these little people seem to have calmed down a bit, already because at the right of a moment you have to move on, and also because the Wolves of 2021 have really nothing to do with those of 2018, except for a big cat.

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Yes but, maybe …

Yeah, but maybe Jimmy Butler and the Wolves keep that little resentment there, hidden deep down. Maybe Jimmy still resents Wolves for wasting him fifteen months and his leadership still can’t forgive what he considered at the time to be unwillingness. Perhaps also that Karl-Anthony Towns has not entirely forgotten how JB treated him, he who has given absolutely everything to his franchise since his Draft. The little extra of this confrontation? The good form of the two teams, with on the one hand Jimmy’s Heat which alternates the good and the less good but which has already positioned itself as one of the teams to beat this season in the East, and on the other Wolves interesting and even become exciting for ten days with four victories in a row thanks to unexpected contributions around a trio of leaders at the rendezvous. Towns, D’Angelo Russell and Anthony Edwards who dominate irregularly but with nice surprises like Jarred Vanderbilt or even Patrick Beverley, and in the end a team that attacks hard and defends hard, a team today stationed in the play-places. in and who can almost aspire to better if we write this sentence a little drunk.

Four wins in a row for the Wolves (a jerk against the Grizzlies and the Pels, the Kings and the Spurs wracked) but the need for Minnesota to validate a real victory against a big hunk. That’s good, this evening it is perhaps the player of the League who has the most desire to kick their ass who shows up at the Target Center. Come on, let’s see who’s got the target on his back, so see you tomorrow 6am to heal the wounds of one or the other.