The Peruvian player who received the same treatment as Cristiano Ronaldo in his lower part

Cristiano Ronaldo does not stop being a vain player
July 19, 2022 2:46 p.m.

everybody knows that Cristiano Ronaldo She is a great lover of surgeries, because she always wants to look good wherever she is, her physical change has been drastic since she began to play what she is today, so she does not hesitate to do a touch-up whenever she can, even in his intimate area, like a Peruvian soccer player.

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The players who would have resigned from the Peruvian National Team for not renewing Ricardo Gareca

The striker of Manchester United He decided to have an operation to thicken his member, something that has been reported from Spain, since the Portuguese attacker always seeks to try to look better and for this reason he decided to apply botox, to seek to have a more powerful erection with his partner.

It is said that a Peruvian player would also have had this same operation, to be able to look more virile at the time of intimacy, names like Pedro Aquino and Paolo Guerrerothat they would have done this procedure, in search of not having any problem to have other types of parties inside the house.

The Peruvian National Team seeks a new coach

With the output of Ricardo Gareca It is expected that a new coach will arrive, but it has been revealed that this new one would be more than a Peruvian, the name of Juan Reynoso if Juan Carlos Oblitas continuesthe blind man could stay as sports director and it seems to him that the ‘bighead’ would be an important man.

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Not all is lost, Ricardo Gareca does not rule out directing the Bicolor in the future