Konami released the version 2.0 of the PES Club Manager that has the update completely to the 2018/2019 season. New uniforms, improvements in the graphic engine and a new game mode to demonstrate your skill as a strategist.

"ALL-STAR SERIES" is a section that allows you to freely create a new team of 18 chosen players with which you will have to overcome accepting challenges from the rivals.When all are in the same conditions, the strategy and tactics will be fundamental for the victory.

The new rewards are attractive. Win five games and you will have the opportunity to get up to ☆ 7 players and you can increase the number according to the number of wins you get. Even better, the winning player is chosen at random from the chosen team of 18, which gives users a great opportunity to get the player they want.

Another great point in the update to the PES Club Manager 2.0 is the improvement in the game engine, which makes this football experience more realistic than ever. There are new dribbles, ball pass and ways to kick to goal, which gives life to the mobile game.

PES Club Manager is now available to download for free, with additional micro transactions, in the App Store and Google Play.



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