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The photo of a father and his daughter drowned in the Mexican border illustrates the migratory drama | International

The drama of the Central American migration crisis has been captured in a photo. The finding on Monday of the bodies without life of Óscar and Valeria Martínez, a Salvadoran man and his daughter of one year and 11 months, drowned in the banks of the Rio Grande have shaken the Latin American country. The tragedy on the border that separates Mexico and the United States It occurs in the midst of an upsurge in Mexican immigration policy, after reaching an agreement with the Administration of Donald Trump. The father, the girl and her mother, who gave notice of what had happened, had left El Salvador and set out on the trip to the United States for lack of resources, according to her family.

The event took place on Sunday afternoon. Arriving in Matamoros (Tamaulipas) at the end of last week, the Salvadoran family found a city collapsed by migration. The desire to reach US territory and a long waiting list to be served by the US Customs and Border Protection Agency it was what motivated the crossing across the river, according to a brother of Martinez to Efe. "Many have the theory that if they swim they will be given asylum, and out of desperation they throw themselves into the river instead of waiting in a migration station," says Abraham Pineda-Jácome, a correspondent for the agency there.

"The mother told us that her husband he had gotten with her daughter to cross the river to Brownsville (in Texas) and when he returned to cross the woman, the girl threw herself into the water. Nor I know if he thought he was playing, but when the current took her he said goodbye ", tells this newspaper Julia Le Duc, one of the photographers who witnessed the operation. The screams and despair of the woman attracted those who passed through the place, who ended up calling the Matamoros security forces. On Sunday afternoon, an operation was set up but when the night came, it was suspended until Monday morning, when the agents found the two dead bodies about 500 meters from the place where they were lost.

In the image you can see the girl inside her father's shirt and with an arm over the man's neck. "It seems that in his desperation he put the girl in the shirt so as not to lose her in the current and what happened is that the current took them away and the two drowned, "says Le Duc After departing in April from El Salvador, the The family had entered Mexico through the border crossing in Tapachula (Chiapas), where they had been given a humanitarian visa that allowed them to legally reside in the country while they were seeking asylum in the United States.

After what happened, a part of the family that remains in El Salvador has requested help from President Nayib Bukele to repatriate the bodies. "Mr. president, I want to ask you please, to help us repatriate the body of my cousin Óscar Alberto and our little Angie Valeria who for reasons of scarce resources decided to embark on their way to the United States, "he posted on Monday on Twitter Enrique Gómez, cousin of Martínez. The Salvadoran Executive was quick to respond to the request. "We join the pain of this irreparable loss. No Salvadoran should be forced to leave their country due to lack of opportunities. We ask you to send us a private message to start repatriation. " At the moment, the mother and wife of the deceased remains in Matamoros, waiting for the bodies to return to their country.

The photo is a sample of the drama that lives in the borders of Mexico. "ANDa dustbin, a tragedy that could be seen coming from what is being lived in the migrant camps in Matamoros, "says Le Duc about the collapse of the Mexican migratory system. In that area of ​​the Rio Grande, at least one person a month drowns trying to reach the United States. Pineda-Jácome. Only last year 283 people died while trying to cross the border. In the last week, a total of nine people, including four children, have been found dead on the border with Texas. A migratory crisis that continues to count victims.

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