The photo of the bump on the forehead of Mathieu Caizergues revealed by his mother

She explained to France Blue why she decided to release this photo today: “We thought that one day, after our multiple requests, the judge who was in office at the time would agree to send it to a gendarmerie laboratory for analysis. That was not the case. We made another request when the judge changed, it didn’t change any more. So we decided to publish it so that the public realizes what this photo really was and the fact that we are worried about this photo and why we ask for the analysis of this photo.

A strange blindfold that covers the eyes

Delphine Caizergues expresses concerns during an interview in the Free lunch : “It had been pointed out to the investigators from the start that Mathieu did not use this language and never put a filter on his photos.

The mother of the missing gendarme therefore comes to doubt that this selfie was sent by her son, which therefore suggests that a third person could have made Mathieu Caizergues’ phone speak to make believe in a scenario, but in what interest ? The other curiosity of this selfie lies in the presence of this blindfold which hides the eyes of Mathieu Caizergues. There again, his mother wonders if this blindfold has not been added to the photo montage to conceal that he actually has his eyes closed, and therefore died when this last photo was taken. So many questions that she would have liked justice to ask themselves too. The investigation has stalled for five years.