The photo with Leon Dănăilă hides a perversity. Nobody says that

A photo with professor Leon Dănăilă going to work by subway aroused waves of comments, shares and likes, but the image hides an aspect that few people have thought of.

Why do we have to want poor doctors, doctors who go by subway, doctors who – according to their work – do not drive with the latest foreign cars? Professor Cristian Ducu draws attention to this aspect of the photo with the neurosurgeon Leon Dănăilă.

“The choice of Professor Dănăilă indicates an austere lifestyle, but why should doctors have to go by subway, why should a life of shortcomings be read on their faces? (…) I always prefer doctors who have cars like the one below, which have a special card in the window that allows them to drive at very high speed through the city and have access to restricted areas, they complain that they have to make all sorts of compromises in order to have access to specialized literature or that they have to beg for sponsorships in order to attend congresses, to have instruments in the hospital or to be able to buy consumables for a And this for the simple reason that a man ‘s life directly depends on a doctor “, wrote Cristian Ducu on his blog. Continue to find it HERE.

Photo credit: Marilena Stancu.


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