The photos that show a “sad” Shakira

The separation of Shakira and Gerard Piqué is still a trend and more so after several days in which some photographs of the footballer were leaked in the company of a blonde woman at a party. Now it is the Colombian who has made a new appearance and perhaps not in the best way, according to the Daily Mail portal. Apparently, sources from that medium captured the Barranquilla while she was driving and described her appearance as devastated: “She looked finished” , says the article.

The couple continues with the spotlight on and it is now the singer who was the victim of a leak by the British press. In the images that were revealed, she is seen driving with a dull and apparently sad countenance. Although it must be emphasized that there are only two captures of an entire journey that she made in the vehicle.


These photos published by the British newspaper Daily Mail caused the concern of the singer’s followers because they assure that she looks nostalgic and down.

In the same way, these snapshots have already gone around the world at a time when it is said that while the FC Barcelona defender is immersed in partying, alcohol and women, his ex-partner focused on his emotional well-being and the of their children. However, according to the European media, it is she who would have borne the brunt after the separation.

The Spanish media classified this information as cruel and unfounded, since it was totally directed to the physical appearance of the famous: the Daily Mail shared: “The 45-year-old Colombian singer looked depressed while sitting behind the wheel, days after that her husband Gerard Piqué was photographed with a mysterious woman at a party in Stockholm. Wearing minimal makeup, Shakira couldn’t crack a smile as she drove to her house on Tuesday.”

Days before, the Europa Press agency also published some images that could confirm the state of mind of the interpreter of “I congratulate you”. She is seen inside a vehicle, during her arrival at her house in Barcelona. It must be remembered that in recent days Shakira has been besieged by the press, which remains even outside her home and has managed to capture some intimate moments.

These photographs already cover all social networks, which generated thousands of reactions from users and especially from fans of the Colombian. Many considered as “appalling” the way in which the media has persecuted her in order to obtain information, while others even sympathized with her because of the face she presents in the images.

And it is that most of the criticism has been taken by Piqué, since while Shakira is exposed with a supposed downcast mood, he has been surprised in other cities and parties enjoying the company of women. Although much is said about this separation and the current situation of each of those involved, we will have to wait for more information to emerge and for them to confirm what is happening after having finished after 12 years together.

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