The pink tide returns to the streets of Elche against breast cancer

The rendezvous in the streets has recovered after the break last year due to the pandemic of coronavirus. Despite the cold morning due to the wind, the families have put on their pink t-shirts and as more people arrived at the Paseo de la Estación, the human warmth was noticeable and the atmosphere was warmer, and at the rhythm of batucada.

After a few minutes after 10 am, the current president of Amacmec, Manuela Agulló, gave the starting signal with the mayor, Casrlos González and other members of the local corporation. “These balloons are for women who cannot be there today but who remain in our memory,” highlighted the association’s representative when this symbol was launched into the sky, accompanied by the outgoing president, Consuelo García.

Thousands of participants during one of the sections of the Amacmec march in Elche this Sunday Matías Segarra

This year the route has been changed and has become four kilometers and not five like other years. As it is, lThe march started on Avenida de la Libertad and it was decided to cross the historic center from the Altamira Bridge to Vicente Blasco Ibáñez and through Plaça de Baix and Corredora as well as Candalix until returning to the Paseo de la Estación. In the same way, the meeting has not become as numerous as other years because the race is taking place these days virtually, even so, more people have been added as the tide was passing through some parts of the city.



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