the place also blows in Malgioglio

On April 22, 2023 it shuts down 82 candlesma Mara Maionchi she still has the energy and drive of a little girl. A long recording career behind him, lent to television in relatively recent times (it was launched by X Factor), has quickly become one of the most beloved faces of the small screen, so much so that she has earned leading roles in countless projects.

Mara Maionchi comments on the Eurovision Song Contest 2023

The last, in chronological order, is theEurovision Song Contest 2023. After last year’s Italian stage, which saw the conduction of Alessandro Cattelan, Laura Pausini and Mika and the triumph of Ukraine, this time the European music competition lands in Liverpoolwith Italy represented by the winner of the Sanremo Music Festival, Marco Mengoniwith her Two lives. A live commentary on the event will be once again Gabriel Courses, at the helm of the Italian commentary of the show since 2021, joined for the first time by Mara Maionchi. Indeed, this year Cristiano Malgioglio has left the place he occupied at Eurovision 2022, due to his new commitment as a judge at Friends of Maria De Filippi. During last night’s episode of Stasera c’è Cattelan, Corsi announced that the record company will take his place, which with its immense culture in the field of music could prove to be a winning choice.

All the commitments of Mara Maionchi

The Eurovision Song Contest is only the latest of the countless adventures in which Mara Maionchi takes part in this period. With the irony and energy that distinguishes it, the record is in fact unstoppable, and is the protagonist of several programs. First of all Those good girlsthe story of the journey on the road that Maionchi shared with two other pillars of the show, Sandra Milo e Marisa Lauritothe latest episode of which aired on Sunday, March 26 on Sky One. On the way, then, the new experience as a judge of I’m not a ladythe show of Rai 2 conducted by Dawn Parietti dedicated to the world of drag queens, arriving in May (after countless postponements). Last but not least, the new participation in Italia’s Got Talentof which he has been a judge since 2019. This time, the talent show moves from Sky to Disney+and alongside Mara Maionchi we find the veteran Frank Matano together with the two new entries Electra Lamborghini e Khaby Lamewhile at the conduction they make their debut Aurora Leone e Fru dei The Jackal.