Arriving from Chicago, the Boeing 747-400 cargo SkyLease rolled out of the runway at Canadian Halifax Stanfield Airport. This is reported by the portal Airways.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, November 7th. The aircraft was heading from USA to China for landing in Halifax to pick up the cargo. Due to an unsuccessful landing, the airliner rolled out of the runway by approximately 50 meters. According to eyewitnesses, there was no fire.

The five crew members who were aboard received minor injuries and were taken to the nearest hospital for examination. After the incident, Halifax Stanfield Airport announced the cancellation of flights and temporarily suspended work.

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00:11 April 6, 2017

In September, an Air Niugini plane crashed into the sea after an unsuccessful pilot attempt to land at Weno Airport (Micronesia). The incident occurred with the Boeing 737-800 airliner, carrying 46 passengers from Pohnpei State to Truk State.

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