The play-off for promotion to Segunda B, between July 18 and 25

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The Spanish Football Federation yesterday published a circular with plans for the phases of promotion to Second and Second B. In the case of Asturias, where Lealtad, Llanera, Covadonga and Caudal will fight for a place to be in the bronze division, the matches of that play-off will be played on the weekend of July 18, in its first round, and on July 25 the final with the two winners of the previous matches. According to the Federation plan, the clubs that have the right to participate in this play-off will have until June 4 to communicate that they are willing to play it. The plan indicates that these teams can already do individual training, in small groups from June 1 and in full from 15. The play-off system will be territorial, with the winner achieving promotion, and a play-off for the firsts that don’t go up initially.



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