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The Playdate small portable video game console is available for pre-order. A very tempting promise, with a crank and a monochrome screen.

The market for consoles video games goes beyond the triptych formed by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Today there are many alternative consoles, independent, so to speak, which are not lacking in interest. Today, it is possible to pre-order the console Playdate.

In 2019, the Panic studio “” to which we owe the game Firewatch “” announced that it was working on a very interesting portable console by the name of Playdate. It’s a small console, compact enough to fit in a pocket, but most likely the most interesting thing about it was the presence of a small crank for playing some games.

The console was originally scheduled to launch in 2020 but there has been a delay, obviously, since it’s 2021, and the console isn’t on the market yet. Good news though, the Playdate console is finally available for pre-order. And if in 2019, it was announced at the public price of $ 149, its manufacturer has finally revised the price upwards since it is offered at $ 179.

Panic also believes that the pre-orders taken today will most likely result in a console in 2022. For those who hear about this Playdate console for the very first time, know that it is a small portable console with a 2.7 inch screen. Its designers made a pretty strong creative decision by opting for a monochrome LCD panel rather than color, which adds a very nice little retro touch.

When it comes to games, the Playdate console offers an interesting concept of “Seasons”. Players will be entitled to two new games each week for 12 weeks, or 24 games. An SDK is also planned, for developers who would like to develop games for this console like no other.

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