the player built in Valheim a detailed copy of the “Millennium Falcon” from “Star Wars”

Valheim is a new hit on Steam, which has sold over three million copies in just 16 days of its Early Access release. The game recently set another personal best: more than 500 thousand users were simultaneously online. And since the project quickly gained an impressive fan base and had construction mechanics, people started to share their interesting structures. One of the first is a detailed copy of the Millennium Falcon from the films in the Star Wars universe.

The ship was created by a visitor to the Reddit forum under the pseudonym Colonel-James-Parker. The car cannot fly, since such mechanics are not provided in Valheim. But outwardly, “Millennium Falcon” looks impressive and in the spirit of the original source. Above, you can see the various systems and hatches of the ship, and there is a light panel at the back.

“Chewie, we’re home.” / I present you the Millennium Longboat. (test build) from r/valheim

In Valheim, a vehicle acts as a transport ship, and since the game has limited material, Colonel-James-Parker had to improvise. That is why the body of the Millennium Falcon is made of wood, and the back panel glows green, and not light blue, as in the original.

However, the majority of Reddit users liked the work of the enthusiast. They gave publications over 14 thousand positive marks and praised the author in the comments.

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