“The players are human and they can react,” says a lawyer from the Quito League after a punch from ‘Choclo’ Quinteros to fans | National Championship | sports

The event occurred last Friday after the white victory 1-0 against Technical University outside the Bellavista stadium in Ambato.

In Liga de Quito they work in the defense of José Corn Quinteros if the LigaPro Disciplinary Commission opens a file for the blow he inflicted on a fan, who was part of the crowd that insulted the white players for the team’s performance during the first semester of this year.

The event occurred last Friday after the white 1-0 victory over Técnico Universitario outside the Bellavista stadium in Ambato, on the last date of the first stage of the national championship, in which it ended in the sixth place, with 25 points; while the winner of the phase, Emelec, added 34.

Santiago Barragán, lawyer for the albos, commented on this fact to the capital radio Coverage: “We want to prevent the players from reacting, but the players are the least guilty of the moment.”

“The players are human and they can react, they insult their family, they name them and that generates a reaction like any human being. That is not about the fans, they believe they have the right to insult, ”continued Barragán.

And he added: “If they insult him like that in the face, any human being will react. I do not justify Choclo’s reaction, but who is the aggressor? The one who is going to insult you in this way, what reaction do you expect? (D)

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