The players of C’Chartres Football fight against Vannes and offer a good start to Aurélien Gazeau

The Chartrains wanted to bid farewell to Aurélien Gazeau with dignity. They succeeded, not without difficulty.
Not really helped by Mr. Roffet, who drew the red card on a muscular intervention by Nicolas Palbrois, his first, on his Vannes opponent Le Nédic, the locals found themselves in the 4th minute at ten.
Nightmarish beginnings under a leaden heat, the Chartrains knew it. The task promised to be difficult against an opponent weaned from victory for two months (2 draws, 4 defeats).

Jean-Pierre Papin towards a departure

At ten against eleven, the Euréliens bent without breaking during a balanced first half, only enamelled by two badly exploited chances by the Breton striker Alexis Ebrard (18 ‘, 31’).
But Jean-Pierre Papin’s men did not have time to capitalize on this positive result, surprised as soon as they returned from the locker room by a winning header from NSondé, well served at the near post on a corner from Salibur (0-1, 48 ‘). To the gravity of the ambient temperature and the numerical inferiority was added a disadvantage to the score which seemed insurmountable at this moment.
But when Ebrard, still as clumsy as ever, missed a golden opportunity from close range (54′) and then when the scorer of the evening Nsondé was sent off for a second yellow card (68′), the course of the game then seemed to be reversed . JPP brought speed to the meadow with the combined entries of Francou and Louzif on the hour mark. And quickly, these bore fruit. Only the attempts of the Moroccan (70′), Hemia (83′), Chantôme (88′) or Francou (89′) lacked precision.

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Gazeau’s emotion

We were then heading towards the 5th Chartres defeat of the season at home, entering extra time, especially since Louzif forgot Francou, yet ideally placed on his right (90 ‘+5).
However, this was not the last local opportunity. Hemia overflowed on the left and managed to touch back Louzif, who opened his foot for a full skylight shot (1-1, 90 + 6). “It’s a draw that looks like a win. We had a full match and showed a lot of self-sacrifice, ”said Jean-Pierre Papin, for his possible last outing at Jacques-Couvret. Aurélien Gazeau’s farewell to CCF was official. And the 30-year-old lived a tribute to the height of his seven seasons spent in the 28. Doused with champagne, he had remained in all the heads of his partners: “We found the energy to come back, especially for Aurélien”, confided Kevin Malaga at the final whistle. Between drops and tears, the person concerned was overcome with emotion: “When I arrived here, I would never have imagined staying so long. There is a lot of fun and pride. I have experienced a lot of beautiful things and it will remain, ”concluded the future retiree from the field.

The reaction of Aurélien Gazeau, CCF midfielder, future retiree

CHARTRES (Jacques-Couvret stadium). C’Chartres Football and Vannes OC 1 to 1 (half-time: 0-0). Referee: Mr. Roffet. Spectators: around 700.
Buts : NPossed (48) for Vannes; Louzif (90+6) for Chartres.
Warnings: NSondé (34, 68), Persico (45), Ngoubou (90 + 1) in Vannes; B. Fofana (80), Hemia (90 + 2) in Chartres. Expulsions : Palbrois (4) in Chartres; NProbed (67) in Vannes.
C’Chartres Football : Barry – Konaté (Louzif, 64), Malaga, B. Fofana, Archimbaud – Gazeau (cap.) (Picot, 74), Chantôme – Hemia, Haddadou, Palbrois – Sidibé (Francou, 61).
Vannes OC :Noubi – Nakassila, Lescot, Le Nedic, Berenice – NSonge, Quintin (Ngoubou, 64), Daury, Salibur – Ebrard (Le Mauff, 87), Persico (cap.).

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David Berthelem