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On Sunday, on the first day of the ongoing G7 in Germany, leaders from the United States, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada and Japan were photographed by reporters before the afternoon session began. The atmosphere seemed rather relaxed: there was also a collective moment of jokes about Vladimir Putin, the Russian president responsible for the invasion of Ukraine, which is the main theme of this G7 meeting.

All the jokes revolved around the tough guy Putin has been trying to project for years, fueled by photos and videos that have also become memes in the West. “Do we keep the jacket or do we take it off?” Asked Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who added: “we must prove that we are tougher than Putin”. “We will be photographed shirtless on horseback”, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau intervened, referring to a famous series of photos taken of Putin in 2009. “Horse riding is fantastic,” said the president of the European Commission jokingly. Ursula von der Leyen. “Let’s show our bibs!” Johnson added. Shortly thereafter the photographers were ushered out of the room.