The police are apparently looking for Attila Hildmann with an arrest warrant

The Berlin State Criminal Police Office is apparently looking for the conspiracy ideologist Attila Hildmann. This is reported by, among others „Spiegel“ citing investigative circles. Accordingly, it has been unclear since the beginning of February where the snack bar operator is. There is an arrest warrant against him. The Berlin public prosecutor has not yet confirmed the report.

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Attila Hildmann believes, among other things, that Germany is a GmbH.

Hildmann, who spreads crude conspiracy stories on his Telegram channel every day, himself claimed on Monday that an arrest warrant was being sought for him. On Tuesday, he picked up the latest coverage and claimed he was just on vacation.

In the preliminary proceedings against Hildmann, more than 1000 statements are checked individually. It is about suspicion of sedition, insult and threat. “These are intensive, extensive and time-consuming investigations,” said a spokeswoman for the prosecutor on Tuesday. “The evaluation of the evidence continues.”

The “Southgerman newspaper” had previously reported that evidence-gathering was slow. One of the hard drives is said to be so badly damaged that the data cannot be read, and another is apparently protected by a password so that investigators cannot open it.

For a long time Hildmann has been writing his messages several times a day in a well-known internet channel where anyone can read them. Formerly known as a vegan cookbook author, he now calls himself “ultra-right” and a conspiracy preacher. (ken, dpa)


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