the police identify the author of the attack in London


Usman Khan, 28, was already convicted of terrorist acts in 2012 and was released from prison in 2018

London police have identified this morning the 28-year-old Usman Khan as the author of the terrorist attack on Friday near the London bridge, which killed two pedestrians with a knife and wounded three others.

According to a statement from the metropolitan police in the British capital signed by the deputy commissioner, Neil Basu, the individual was known by the authorities and had been convicted in 2012 for terrorist acts, although he left prison with permission in December 2018.

After investigating the facts, the police have concluded that the attacker, who lived in the Staffordshire area, attended an event in Fishmonger's Hall called "Learning Together."

"We believe that the attack began inside (Fishmonger's Hall) before he left the building and headed to the London Bridge" where he was arrested and faced by a police officer who shot him causing death.

Police say they are not looking for any other person related to the attack, although they are conducting interrogations and investigations to ensure "that no other person is involved in the attack."

In the statement, the authorities specify that citizen security is a priority and ask people to avoid some areas of the capital, where patrols have increased.

The security forces also ask that anyone who has video images or any other information related to the attack, share it with the police investigation team.

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