The police investigate a brutal fight in a Malaga pub | BE Malaga | Hour 14 Malaga

The policeman investigate the brutal brawl which took place this Saturday, around six thirty in the afternoon, in a pub in the Teatinos neighborhood of Malaga.

A large group of young people engaged by throwing himself glass bottles, glasses and even wooden tabuteres inside the establishment.

At the moment, the causes of the event that has caused several injuries and extensive material damage In the local. Apparently, according to the information gathered by the agents, the fight began at 6:30 p.m. when several groups of young people arrived who had made the reservation of several tables.

Two of the young people treated for their injuries at the hospital / Cadena SER

They barely wore a minutes sitting and had asked the first consumptions when the aggression began in which at least seven young people participated. The police still do not know the reasons for the fight. Two of the injured had to be treated at the Clinical hospital of Malaga with injuries to the face and body from the numerous blows and cuts they presented.

Local police officers appeared at the pub minutes after the event occurred. The spirits were already pretty calm by then and the vast majority of customers were outside the premises. In principle, there were no detainees, although all those involved in the fight were noted to transfer the information to the Provincial Police Station of Malaga in case there was an exchange of complaints between those involved. In principle, four people were identified, two of them 23 years as the main perpetrators of the aggression, and two other people, 34 years old each, as witnesses to what had happened.

The investigation remains open. The images of the brawl spread like wildfire through the WhatsApp groups and were published on social networks. In a moment of uproar, all the pub patrons took refuge so as not to receive any bottle. The store shows damage to the bar, on various lamps, tables, as well as numerous shattered glasses and bottles.


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