The traffic police began to receive sports "Vesta", so it will be more difficult to arrange a "GTA on Russian roads".

On the pages of the social network "VKontakte" in the unofficial community dedicated to LADA Vesta, there were pictures taken in Togliatti. In the photo you can see the new sports sedan LADA Vesta Sport, which is prepared to work in the police.

On the roof of the sports "Vesta" there are flashing lights, and the rear bumper is decorated with a blue stripe. On the back also appeared police livery. In the cabin LADA Vesta Sport installed radio.

In social networks, motorists have ambiguously reacted to the appearance of the sports LADA Vesta Sport in the garage of the traffic police. “Avtohamam will no longer be good,” “Yes, any Ford Focus will overtake her at the traffic lights,” “Robocop Machine,” joke in social networks.

At the same time, according to some commentators, the new sports "Vesta" is intended not for the traffic police, but for the military traffic police, which signed an agreement with AvtoVAZ. Others are sure that LADA Vesta Sport was specifically given to the police, as "no one will buy them for a million."

Vasisualy Murchalov




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