The police reveal the reason for the conflict that took place in Jelgava, when a teenager beat a younger girl

The recent physical conflict situation between two underage girls in Jelgava has caused widespread concern in the society both about the nature of the event itself and also about why the police investigated this case as an administrative process and not a criminal process, writes the State Police.

“The next day after the incident, on September 12, upon receiving a police report, the process of an administrative violation was immediately started, the circumstances were explained, and a forensic medical examination was ordered to determine the severity of the injuries in order to decide on the further course of the process in accordance with the procedure established by law.

The police carefully approached this case and the process, taking into account that the event involved persons specially protected by law – underage girls. In this situation, the State Police also consulted with the regional prosecutor’s office, and in accordance with a common vision, the event was assessed in an administrative, not a criminal, procedural manner. At the same time, the police also handed over the information about the incident to the Jelgava Social Affairs Administration in line with their competence.

In the course of the process, State Police officers clarified the identities of the underage girls, accepted the explanations of both sides, recorded witness statements, and also performed other procedural actions. The investigation revealed that both persons involved in the conflict are not well-known and the motives for the conflict are related to unflattering content posted on social websites.

On September 14 of this year, the State Police received an opinion from a forensic medical expert that the physical injuries inflicted on the victim are considered minor. According to the expert’s opinion, this violation was examined according to Article 12 of the “Law on Administrative Penalties on Violations in the Field of Administration, Public Order and the Use of the State Language” – for causing minor bodily harm.

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On September 19 of this year, the case materials were handed over to the Subcommittee on Children’s Affairs of the Administrative Commission of the Municipality of Jelgava for the application of coercive measures of an educational nature. And the punishment is inevitable – the offender will receive it according to the law.

On the other hand, in connection with yesterday’s public information about possible property damage during the conflict, such information was not given to the police in the administrative process, nor has it been officially received until now.

There is no doubt that the offense took place, the police investigated it in accordance with the existing regulations.

The State Police believes that this situation is already a struggle with consequences and at this moment the society and the involved institutions must not develop emotional violence and become an aggressor against another minor child. It is important to evaluate the situation objectively, looking deeper – why the minor is violent, how to help and create such an environment so that the person can live and develop as a full member of society in the future.

It is the responsibility of the whole society, joint work, creating a safer environment for our children,” the police believe.