The police trace the telephone number of the IKEA Alam Sutera terrorists – The Cipondoh Police, Tangerang admitted that he had traced the phone number of the bomb terror at the IKEA Alam Sutera furniture shopping center. This was done while waiting for the bomb disposal officers from Polda Metro Jaya to arrive at the location.

The terrorists, who phoned the IKEA call center, said the venue would explode in 10 minutes.

“For the phone number of the terrorists, the members have obtained it. We are tracking where it came from,” said Kapolsektro Cipondoh, Commissioner Paryanto, Wednesday (13/4).

However, when asked in more detail about the origin of the caller and the number, Paryanto admitted that he could not tell this.

“This is part of the technical investigation. It is still being explored. That is all we can say for a while,” said Paryanto.

The Gegana Polda Metro Jaya bomb disposal team arrived at the location at around 19.40 WIB, Wednesday (13/4).

Gegana’s personnel combed using metal detectors. Meanwhile, IKEA visitors and staff still gather in a safe area on the east side of the building. [cob]