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DEAD FROM INJURIES: The man who the police assume is the one who stabbed a woman on Friday, died himself shortly after he was found by the police. The man is said to have fallen from a tree he climbed, police say. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen

Large police forces searched on Friday afternoon and evening for a man who had stabbed a woman in Elverum. On Friday night, the suspected perpetrator died of injuries. Already the day before, the police received tips about a mentally unstable person at Terningmoen.

The police tell VG that they do not yet know if the person they were called on Thursday night is the same as the knife stab the woman at Elverum on Friday.

– Now we have to investigate and see if the stabbing is related to the other messages we have received, says Tom Johnsen, geographical manager for the operating unit east of the Inland police district.

It was Snorre Mikkelsen who on Thursday night called a report of concern to the police in Elverum. Mikkelsen, who is a radiographer at Ahus, had taken a bus to Elverum the same day to visit his girlfriend.

On board the bus, he was contacted by a young man in his late teens. The man was thinly dressed, had injuries to his arms and seemed unstable.

– I experienced him as strange and strange. Not intoxicated or threatening, but perhaps rather paranoid or manic, Mikkelsen says to VG.

CONCERNED: Snorre Mikkelsen called the police because he was worried about the person he met on the bus from Skedsmo to Elverum on Thursday night. Police say they searched for the man on Thursday, but did not find him. Photo: Private

Called the police

When the bus stopped at Terningmoen military camp, the young man got off.

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– I said that he had to take care of himself and find a place to live so that he does not freeze to death, Mikkelsen says.

On the advice of his girlfriend, he called the police about the man.

– I told them several times that it seemed as if he was in danger for himself, since he was so thinly dressed. The police asked me if he himself had asked for help, and he did not. The police replied that they should write down the information, but I did not get the impression that they took it so seriously, says Mikkelsen.

His girlfriend also listened to the conversation with the police.

The victim is stable

On Friday afternoon, a woman was stabbed in Elverum, and large police forces searched for the perpetrator. Police urged people to stay indoors while the search continued.

The woman was taken to Ullevål hospital, and according to the police at Innlandet is out of danger.

– We have been informed that her condition is stable and that it seems to be going well, says Johnsen at Innlandet police district to VG.

EXTENSIVE SEARCH: Large crews participated in the search for the person who stabbed a woman in Elverum. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen

Friday night, the suspected perpetrator was found, not far from Terningmoen camp. He was injured after falling from a tree, and later that night died of his injuries.

The police say that they do not yet know if this is the perpetrator, and if it is the same person who took the bus to Elverum together with Snorre Mikkelsen.

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Did search Thursday

Tom Johansen says that the police took the phone call from Mikkelsen more seriously than what he got the impression of.

– A number of searches were made last night and last night, after that tip came in. But no findings were made, says Johansen.

The special unit for police matters has been notified of the case.

– It is routine when a person dies in connection with the police conducting an investigation. It is the Bureau itself that decides whether they will investigate the case or not, says Johnsen.

Published: 30.10.20 at 23:34

Updated: 31.10.20 at 08:22

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