Jakub Blaszczykowski will join the club of his loves, the Wilsa Krakow of Poland, where he debuted professionally and who will arrive for free, plus he will lend money to save him from the debts he has with soccer players and employees.

This is the second time in the last 12 months that the Small Figo will lend money to Wisla; and in this opportunity, together with an entrepreneur, will provide them with an amount close to one million euros.

After leaving Wolfsburg, he began training with the Wisla from a few days ago and you will see activity when the Ekstraklasa resume its activity in February.

He will play for free to have a strong team around him keeping the important players in the club.

In the past, Jakub Blaszczykowski, through its foundation "The human gesture", came to finance children from orphanages with tickets to witness the parties of the Wisla.

The Small Figo , as the Polish legend Zbigniew Boniek called it, had a traumatic childhood before shining in football, witnessing the death of his mother at the hands of his father, who was 15 years in prison.



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