The Pope: look at the needs of others, we are not alone in the world

With a video message, Pope Francis addresses about 600 participants in the fourth Spirituality Course organized by the Argentine diocese of Comodoro de Rivadavia in Patagonia centered on the theme of “Covering the social diaconia”, taking care of those who are beside, according to the evangelical example of the Good Samaritan

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Putting oneself at the service of others, taking into account their needs and understanding that we are not alone in the world: this is the heart of the video message sent by Pope Francis on Friday, July 24, to the fourth Spirituality Course organized by Diocese of Comodoro de Rivadavia, in the Argentine region of Patagonia.

The Pontiff’s video was broadcast by the local Church through his YouTube channel. The course, carried out in a virtual way, was centered on the theme “Conversion to social diakonia”, which is inspired by the document of the International Theological Commission “Synodality in the life and mission of the Church”.

Indeed, the fourth chapter of this text is dedicated to “Conversion through a renewed synodality”. “’Conversion to social diakonia’ is a suggestive title, that is, it means realizing that I must serve others, realizing that I am not the only one in the world, that I must look at what the other needs, their material needs, for your spiritual needs, ”says the Pope in his video message.

And he adds: “Out of selfishness, we are used to passing by without seeing those who suffer, looking elsewhere”, but “Jesus asks us to be servants of others like the Good Samaritan whose name we do not know: an anonymous man who took care of the one who was by the way ”.

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“Courage, make your hearts beat”

“Along the way of life there are men and women like us, there are elderly people and children who ask us, with a look, to give them a hand”, emphasizes Pope Francis.

Hence, the Pontiff’s encouragement to “a process of conversion to diakonia, to be deacons, servants of others”, because “Jesus says: ‘Not even whoever gave a glass of water in my name will be without reward’ (Mt 10, 42) ”.

“Courage! – urges the Pope. I ask you only to make your hearts beat, nothing more, and to look well. The more will come by itself ”. The video message concludes with the blessing, the invocation to the Virgin Mary and the request for prayers.

About 600 pastoral workers from across the diocese participated in the spirituality course virtually. The local bishop, Dom Joaquin Gimeno Lahoz, recalled that, since he was archbishop of Buenos Aires, Pope Bergoglio has shown interest in Patagonia, expressing proximity and help to the Patagonian Seminary. This video message, therefore, is one more encouragement not to forget this region.

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