The popularity of Anson Lo’s support has increased by 900 times in one year!Auction platform announces MIRROR commodity hot search rankings

The popularity of Anson Lo’s support has increased by 900 times in one year!Auction platform announces MIRROR commodity hot search rankings

2021 comes to the end of October, and is approaching the end of the year. Many platforms have begun to summarize and review annual events. This year’s hot search terms have to mention MIRROR. Mirror fans are searching for idols from various channels, and trading network is one of them. From them, MIRROR support and peripheral products are hotly searched. The trading platform Carousell announced the hot search data related to MIRROR. The leader of Anson Lo has soared 900 times in the year. In addition, the “Uncle’s Love” craze has also made Edan Lu Juean, another soul of Dengshen CP, a hot search. Degree greatly increased!

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The popularity of MIRROR members has skyrocketed this year. Mirror fans have been searching for idols on various platforms, including trading platforms, hot search for idol support and merchandise. Carousell, a popular trading platform in Hong Kong, integrates data from October to September this year and publishes MIRROR-related hot search rankings. Among the hot-searched MIRROR members, Jiang Tao stood firmly at the top, followed by Ian Chen Zhuoxian, who had just released a muscle photo.

Anson Lo應援周邊熱搜度一年間激增900倍!拍賣平台公布MIRROR商品熱搜排行榜 閃卡、公仔再掀熱潮

Jiang Tao’s popularity is firmly in the first place.

Anson Lo應援周邊熱搜度一年間激增900倍!拍賣平台公布MIRROR商品熱搜排行榜 閃卡、公仔再掀熱潮

All Hellosss are so hard to search Ian.

As for Anson Lo Lu Hanting, there was a warm male performance by Amu in “Uncle’s Love”, and then a large-scale advertising version of “Guru’s Wharf” birthday support and other crazes, which increased the popularity of the teacher by 900 times in a year and became Carousell. The third most searched MIRROR member.

Anson Lo應援周邊熱搜度一年間激增900倍!拍賣平台公布MIRROR商品熱搜排行榜 閃卡、公仔再掀熱潮

The popularity of the leader in Carousell has increased by 900 times in a year.

Edan Lu Juean, another soul figure of Dengshen CP, because of the performance of “Uncle’s Love” and other variety shows, the funny Heiqishi image successfully attracted a lot of noble shit. But there is actually a temperament behind the little comedians. In the “Teach You MIRROR” program, Stephy Stephy Tang once said, “Edan, I don’t think you are talented.” This contrasting cute image makes Edan’s hot search No. 4.

Anson Lo應援周邊熱搜度一年間激增900倍!拍賣平台公布MIRROR商品熱搜排行榜 閃卡、公仔再掀熱潮

Jue shit are very hard to search for Edan.

This year, Jer Liu Yingting released the “Madman’s Diary”, “The Tool of Sand” and the final chapter “When the Human Stars Are Shining” trilogy, which melted a lot of “Liu Liu Fan” with music and ranked No. 5 in hot searches.

Anson Lo應援周邊熱搜度一年間激增900倍!拍賣平台公布MIRROR商品熱搜排行榜 閃卡、公仔再掀熱潮

“Liu Liufen” is a hot search on the trading network, Jer, I believe one of the hot search keywords is to buy La Kuo Fei and sing.

MIRROR member Carousell hot search ranking top 5

  1. Jiang Tao

  2. Ian Chan

  3. Anson Lo

  4. Lu Juean Edan

  5. Liu Yingting Jer

In addition to the list of popular members, Jingfan loves to search for idol merchandise. Idol dolls, signature items, and light cards are no longer a problem, and the products that have become popular because of idol mania must be counted in Yes Card. Yes Card can be said to be the memory of the stars after the 80s and 90s. One yuan and two de-twist flash cards. In addition to the basic version, there are also signature versions and semi-permeable matte versions. Now the memories are coming back.

A little bit more advanced, it is the peripherals launched by merchants, such as the limited “Bashen Card” of fast food restaurants, fried chicken boxes, and even a promotional poster for rice noodles, which can be found on They are valuable and marketable.

Anson Lo應援周邊熱搜度一年間激增900倍!拍賣平台公布MIRROR商品熱搜排行榜 閃卡、公仔再掀熱潮

As soon as I hit “Jiang Tao” in Carousell, I stored the “Jiang Tao Card”, which was recently co-branded with fast food restaurants.

Anson Lo應援周邊熱搜度一年間激增900倍!拍賣平台公布MIRROR商品熱搜排行榜 閃卡、公仔再掀熱潮

The previous “Basketball Cards” continue to be available in price and market.

CarousellMost popular with mirror fans

  1. Idol doll

  2. Beautiful photo card

  3. Autograph

  4. Hand width

  5. Light sign

Looking at this article, have you ever been on Carousell’s hot search for these MIRROR idol items?

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Ian陳卓賢成為第三位鏡仔代言Calvin Klein!繼Anson Lo、AK「守身如玉」陳卓賢接棒爆肌演繹秋冬系列

Ian Chen Zhuoxian becomes the third Mirror Endorsement for Calvin Klein!Following Anson Lo and AK, “Shen Jade” Chen Zhuoxian takes over the burst of muscles to perform the autumn and winter series

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