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"The postponement of the retirement age could only deepen the distrust of the French with regard to the system"

In a forum at the "World", the sociologist Anne-Marie Guillemard pleads for a "new deal" balancing contributions and rewards between generations.

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"The lengthening of life and the changes in work have, since the end of the twentieth century, upset the balance of this pact and caused a deficit of equity and multiple generational fractures. "
"The lengthening of life and the changes in work have, since the end of the twentieth century, upset the balance of this pact and caused a deficit of equity and multiple generational fractures. Nathan Alliard / Photononstop

tribune. The last few weeks have seen a debate within the government about the possible postponement beyond the age of 62 of the legal retirement age, initiated by the right wing of the majority and by Bercy. It has sparked favorable echoes in the right and a legitimate exasperation of Jean-Paul Delevoye, the high commissioner for pension reform and trade unions.

Indeed, these attempts contravene the very commitments of the President of the Republic not to touch this parameter in the context of the reform. They therefore place the person who is driving it out of the way and reaffirmed this commitment during the first assessment of the consultation with the social partners on 10 October 2018.

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The principle of a postponement of the retirement age is a long-standing totem of the right and of all those who see in the pension system only a financial cost that is urgent to contain because of the aging Population. This strictly accounting view conceals the real issues of reform, which are primarily social and human. The French no longer have confidence in their pension system.

Urgency of reform to restore equity and justice

At least three quarters of the assets consider it fragile, inegalitarian, out of date and incapable of ensuring a satisfactory retirement in the future (Fondapol survey, November 2018). This finding is very worrying for a pay-as-you-go system based on the principle of long-term intergenerational solidarity.

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Remember that according to this principle, the assets contribute for today's retirees because they are convinced that the younger generations will fund their pension with the same determination when they are in turn retired. Let there be some doubt about the equity and durability of this long chain of intergenerational solidarity, and the pay-as-you-go retirement will be over.

Pensions: is it possible to change diets?

"A pension reform can only be acceptable if it restores the confidence of citizens through its fairness and sustainability", interview with the political scientist Bruno Palier, Director of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Evaluation of Public Policies (Liepp, Sciences Po)

"A single point system would improve the situation of digital platform workers", by Louis-Charles Viossat, senior official and professor of international social policies at Sciences Po

"It's as if we had to sail by sight", by Michaël Zemmour, professor-researcher in economics at the University of Lille

"After flexible wages, here are the flexible pensions! By Christiane Marty and Daniel Rallet, co-authors of Retreats, the hidden alternative (Attac and Copernic Foundation, Syllepse, 2013).

"The debate does not shed enough light on the specificities of the liberal professions", by Philippe Castans, President of the Interprofessional Provident Fund and old-age insurance of the professions (Cipav)

"The funded pension is the other big part of the reform," by Julien Vignoli, assistant general manager of insurance broker Gras Savoye Willis Towers Watson

"We could decide to devote 21% of GDP to pensions and restore a retirement age to 60," by Philippe Laget, former senior executive in a large international financial services group

"Age of retirement": stop at "confusion", Antoine Bozio, lecturer at the EHESS / Paris School of Economics and Director of the Institute of Public Policies. The economist clarifies the difference between "average age of departure" and "minimum age of pension liquidation", carefully blurred by opponents of the reform proposed by Mr. Delevoye

The mistrust expressed by the French massively with regard to their pension system highlights that the urgency of the reform is first of all to put back equity and justice in an intergenerational solidarity pact that has become a pact of sacrifice. , especially in the eyes of young people. They have the impression that seniors leave them debt because the successive parametric reforms, mainly on the legal age and contribution period required for a full pension, have set retreats ever more distant and less generous without no consideration for the assets.


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