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Warren Buffett has one of the greatest fortunes in the world. His assets amount to almost 70 trillion dollars, but this was not always the case. Buffett is a self-made man. He started investing in the Stock Market at just 11 years old and perfected his method thanks to a book he read eight years later: Security analysis, written by Benjamin Graham and published in 1934. The American billionaire read it 12 times, always in a very careful way. Those pages changed his way of understanding life. The most surprising thing, in Buffett’s own opinion, is that the book was really boring. Despite this, he did not stop analyzing it over and over again.

The anecdote that relates the fourth richest person in the world, according to Forbes teaches us that We need to accept boredom in our lives and understand that it has very positive effects. Sometimes we think that if we work in a place that we are passionate about or achieve our dreams, we will not be bored, but it is not true. Even the most passionate know that encountering boredom is completely inevitable. Not only: it is also positive to find good solutions.

Any effort to achieve a goal involves repeating tasks or analyzes that will not always amuse us. This is recognized by the athlete who has won the most Olympic medals in history. The American Michael Phelps hung 28 metals in different swimming tests. Baltimore bullet he had to face from a young age hard training sessions that, on many occasions, were super boring. He acknowledges it himself, but also claims that he accepted that feeling as part of the job. A toll to achieve your goals.

Boredom also has other advantages. When our brain does nothing, the electromagnetic waves it generates make us more creative, as the pedagogue Marta Romo explains in Train your brain. Usually, our minds detect beta waves, which helps us to be vigilant and vigilant. There are other waves, such as gamma, which are the ones that allow us to be creative and find inventive solutions. On the other hand, when we are calm and calm we generate alpha waves. In order for the neural oscillation of our brain to activate gamma waves, we need to first go through the alphas. In other words: To be creative, or to solve a problem that resists us, we need to be calm and relaxed. Even boring. This is why many people light up the bulb when they are in the shower, driving, or when they have just woken up.

The serenity and boredom generated by certain activities help us solve complicated problems. Let’s see some suggestions to live the process in a more positive way.

When we are faced with tedious tasks, it is worth remembering the purpose that moves us. In Buffett’s case, or Phelps’s, his goal was to learn financial analysis or swimming techniques at all costs. So if we are engaged in monotonous tasks, we must remember what our goal is. What we want to achieve. The answer will allow us to find a little extra motivation. It would be advisable to leave free spaces in our agenda to do nothing or have the possibility of getting bored. In this way, in addition to recovering energy, we create a more adequate state of mind to search for solutions. When we are stuck with something, after studying it, let us try to relax our mind. Let’s activate our airplane mode. In this way, we will make it more likely that an idea that previously eluded us will emerge.

Jericho Pillar She is an entrepreneur, writer, lecturer, PhD in Business Organization and disseminator of research on human behavior.



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