The power of sounds – Music as medicine | ZonaDocu | D.W.

Neuroscientists like Peter Vuust and Stefan Kölsch investigate the secret of rhythms and melodies, studying the function and development of our brain. Kölsch of the University of Bergen in Norway claims that music helps our bodies activate our natural healing power, perhaps even better than many drugs. While we cook, we usually hum songs from the radio and follow the rhythm when a particularly lively song comes on. Peter Vuust, from the Music in the Brain institute in Aarhus, Denmark, has analyzed this phenomenon and knows why we can’t sit still when certain songs are played. When playing sports, our favorite topics can help us achieve great performance. Tom Fritz from the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig discovered that we can perform even better if we create music ourselves during training. This documentary analyzes the positive influence that music has on us, from our earliest childhood until we are old.