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The PP dissolved the WhatsApp group in which Cosidó presumed to control the judiciary

The popular parliamentary group in the Senate has dissolved Tuesday the WhatsApp chat from which the spokesman for this training, Ignacio Cosidó, sent his controversial message on the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) that has led to the breakup of the agreement that the PP had achieved with the PSOE. Five days after the agreement between the PP and the PSOE was made public to renew the governing body of the judiciary, the popular called "WhatsApp" the cast for the PP.

"We will control the second room from behind": the "whatsapp" of Cosidó justifying the pact with the PSOE at the CGPJ

According to EFE, several sources of the popular group have confirmed to the upper house, the chat was working since the beginning of the legislature, when José Manuel Barreiro was a spokesman, but up to now there has never been a leak of any of the many comments that senators They did daily by this means. "It was the first time," said a veteran senator, who shows his great concern at what happened, while recognizing how difficult it is to find out the source of the leak of the message in the press, without venturing to Speculating whether or not it's about "fire friend," the popular ones assert.

And this, among other reasons, because the popular group in the Senate is made up of 146 senators, and it is possible that some people would have bounced it on people who are unrelated to training, so that the possibilities that would arise from this environment would multiply. What is clear, the senators agree, is that the chat was out of control for a long time because it was used to exchange messages that had nothing to do with strict information about the PP's parliamentary activity and that generated comment cascades of all kinds that made it almost impossible to manage.

The text that Cosidó introduced on Saturday to justify the pact with the PSOE to renew the CGPJ generated some alarm for its contents, while others asked if they could bounce it off, which, according to a source points, gives an idea of the risk that ran from the first moment when the spokesman wrote it. A spokesman who has publicly supported all the senators with an ovation at the beginning of the meeting held by the parliamentary group before the plenary of today, and that for some of them it does not go beyond a courtesy gesture .

The concern that all this episode has generated within the group since the PSOE has placed its spokesman as a trigger for the resignation of the magistrate Manuel Marchena to preside over the new CGPJ, adding his role in the question that this afternoon He has made the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.

Thus, the popular parliamentary group in the Senate now has another WhatsApp chat, but only members of the management are involved to provide information internally and exclusively of a parliamentary nature.


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