The Prado Museum shows its most caring face

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Updated:04/29/2020 01:40


The Prado Museum goes out of its way to help mitigate the crisis caused by coronavirus. As the institution has stated in a statement, employees who cannot provide an active service for the museum (due to their in-person activity) will go to help the State Public Employment Service (SEPE).

In total, there are thirty employees, enrolled in the “Prado Volunteers for Public Service and against COVID 19” campaign, who will collaborate voluntarily with SEPE in application of the possibility of collaboration of public employees and employees established by the Additional Provision 18th of RDL 11/2020.

These employees, report from the museum, “will contribute to mitigating the efforts of other public employees whose work is critical in the fight against the recession, since private sector workers affected by temporary employment regulation files due to the confinement of the population before the Covid-19 and their families can collect the aid ».

Although the museum remains closed, many of its employees continue to provide online service. In fact, it must be remembered that in March the number of users of the Prado Museum website increased by 258% compared to February and 125% exceeded the reach on their social networks.



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